Gijs van Ouwerkerk is a B2B photographer and videographer operating from Enschede and Drenthe in The Netherlands, with more than 15 years of experience. His images stand out by strong lighting and plenty of human interaction and emotion. As an engineer and communications expert he can adapt the message of his photos and videos very precisely to the subject and intended audience.

He doesn’t strive to be the cheapest in the area, but aims for customer satisfaction and long-term business relationships. Quality and dependability are his key values.

zelfportret Gijs van Ouwerkerk met hulp van Karijn Fotografie

Specialisations in photography and video

sportportret karate

Portrait on location

Business portraits are a large part of Gijs’ work. He captures professionals in their natural surroundings, or wherever the location helps to tell the story.
bedrijfsfotografie 3D geprinte wervels

Business photography

Gijs’ photos make your business look its best, including the employees and customers that make it so special! As an engineer, Gijs loves high tech and industrial photography.
industriële fotografie verspaning


Whatever Gijs can photograph, he can film! His language skills will provide your movie with flawless subtitles in Dutch and/or English and his experience as a music producer will make sure the audio is super crisp.
fotografie symposium

Event photography

Gijs has years of experience covering business events, from serious conferences to leisurely gatherings. He’s great at capturing the human interaction during these photo or video shoots.

Don't be shy!

Although the rest of this website is in Dutch, Gijs loves to speak English (or even a little German) and work with international people!